Bethesda Church, 1350 Grant Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada | Senior Pastor: Rev. Mark L. Wilcoxson; Associate Pastor: Rev. Chris Wettstein


"Following Jesus to the Cross" Sermon Series with Pastor Mark Wilcoxson

This series will cover the following topics in the upcoming weeks:

February 24 “Following Jesus to the Cross (Part 1)”

March 3 “Following Jesus to the Cross (Part 2):             The Gospel Heard

March 10 “Following Jesus to the Cross (Part 3):           The Gospel Considered”  

March 17 “Following Jesus to the Cross (Part 4):           The Gospel Believed” 

March 24 “Following Jesus to the Cross (Part 5):           The Gospel Lived” 

March 29 (Good Friday) “Following Jesus to the Cross   (Part 6): The Gospel Felt” 

March 31 “Following Jesus to the Cross (Conclusion):     The Gospel Proclaimed!” 



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Annual Report 2014-2015